Art tiles


This beautiful ceramic abstract tiles will create a stunning focal point in any room of your home.

Tiles show my unique paintings. Where my personalised graphics makes them unique wall art.

Art tiles are miniature my original art work.
1xCeramic Art Tile/ Gloss

Size: 10″x 8″ (25×20 cm)

Fusion Imaging Process embeds artwork deep into tile surface; waterproof, fade resistant print.
Due to the nature of the product slight marks may occur during the coating process.
Liquid laminate was used for UV protection and scratches.
100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee

Produce the most vibrant image of ceramic substrate. They can be used individually or to make a photo montage.
My art is your art now and so I will insure that your new addition will make it to you in the best possible condition.

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So if you like my style and have a particular requirement please contact me.

Thank you for choosing to support my original artwork!

All rights reserved. My work is not to be edited, distributed, sold or uploaded anywhere without my written expressed permission.
If you have any doubts or would like to use it or have a special license for a commercial work,
If you are interested in an original commission, you can either contact me.

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Size: 10"x 8" (25×20 cm)


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