Limited Edition:
It is a collector’s product addressed to people who are looking for unique works, characterized by strong contrast, unusual form and arrangement.

Thanks to the large pressure on the form and the lack of diffusing colours, the work is characterised by a strong emotional charge and aesthetics that perfectly match futuristic interiors, as well as modern architecture.

Ideally suited for offices, conference rooms and wherever minimalism and simplicity of form is to emphasize the professionalism of people staying there. Aesthetics of images and a modern look distinguishes them from other black and white photographs that can be found every day.
An additional exclusivity and uniqueness is added by the fact that individual works do not exceed 10 pieces.

And that the prints are made on the highest quality pearl paper with an additional finish and a black matt back. The whole is closed in a black
aluminum frame which is prepared manually for each print individually.


An authenticity certificate together with the series number and the author’s signature is added to each image.
On average, every few years our offer increases by only one! Of course one new product.
So if you are looking for something special to give your place of work or an
apartment of elitism and a simple form that catches your attention. This offer is directed especially to you.

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