The paintings shown here are sold, available on request.Please contact me in advance to arrange details.

More about commission art:
I’m always happy to take commissions for new artwork. I won’t be able to make an exact the same of a work that already exists, but I can use it as inspiration for something that you will love. I also work on commissioned pieces, personalised for individual people, interiors, techniques or other instructions. Each artworks are hand painted.

Once the payment has been made, I will start work on your piece as soon as I can, I will update you as the piece progresses from initial sketch to finished masterpiece. I’m always available to answer questions about your piece and the process.
Any questions regarding my artwork or commissions are welcome.

Time realisation orders will vary depending on the size, medium, and my personal schedule, but typically commissions take up to 4-6 weeks to complete.

All paintings receive the highest level of care and secure packaging to insure safe delivery. A tracking number will be sent to the buyer after shipment. Shipping cost includes packaging and handling fees.

I strive for the best quality in both materials and finish. All my paintings are created with great care and are coated with a matte or gloss varnish to protect the colours for extended time, to ensure durability and to protect against changes in room temperature. Each piece is signed. Most all of my paintings have very heavy texture gallery wrapped canvas with painted sides and are wired and ready to hang.

Amazing QUALITY~Purchase with 100% confidence!

If you are from Outside Europe ask about the cost of delivery.
Thank you for choosing to support my original artwork!

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