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How we work

Every session is unique we treat each order and person individually, in every respect. That is why our works are characterized by uniqueness, uniqueness and very diverse subject matter.

We adapt lighting and photographic techniques to gender, age, and individual character traits as well as the emotions we want to convey.
We represent an old school of photography, the basis of which is to get to know the subject, and how to take the best pictures from the very beginning of their creation process.
Thanks to the wide range of equipment and skills, we decide on an image at every stage of its creation.

Unlike many other photographers, we are not afraid of individuality and we implement visions and ideas together with our clients. At work, we use high class digital equipment that guarantees the highest quality as well as the antique cameras (large format camera) using rare photographic and classic techniques. We do this to be able to realize unique images and not to duplicate trends or standards that prevail at the moment.
Our offer is addressed to people who are looking for something special that emphasizes their individuality and uniqueness, who are looking in photography for something more than just a photo. Our work is not the product of graphic programs but is carefully prepared exhibition.

We try to set prices in the same way we build each session from scratch, together with the people who commission us to execute the order. That every next element would be consistent and lead to the best possible results.
We always start our work with a meeting in order to be able to meet expectations, and help in the implementation of the project. Prices start from 150 pounds for portrait study sessions, however, the priority for us is an interesting subject and uniqueness, which is why they are the main factor determining the price.


-Fashion & Beauty
-Event related


-Abstract Painting
-Portrait Painting
-UV- glow In dark
-On individual requests

Art Tiles

Ceramic tiles offered by our Studio are high quality ceramic products, characterized by a unique design and unrivaled manufacturing quality.

Photo restoration

High quality scans with the recreation of missing elements of the photo.
Renovation of old photographs, enhancement of the sharpness of details, filling in missing elements.


High quality print with widths up to 150cm and unlimited length.
Canvas, paper and others.
Optional framing.

Equipment we work with

-Analogue Large Format Camera 5×7
-Digital Medium Format Camera
-2x Full Frame Cameras DSLR
-Professional scanner 6400 DPI
-Professional lighting equipment
-Darkroom JOBO equipment