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Our Offer

Business portrait

Business portrait photography

is addressed to people whose image is a showcase of the
company and is to present them as professionals. By individually setting the lighting,
choosing the best pose and taking care of the smallest details in the clothes, we create
perfectly aligned photographs presenting people running their own business or
working in high positions where their photos are often attached to news or bulletins.


Price of sessions in studio- from 200 pounds
Outdoor, lifestyle - the price depends on the place, time and additional elements.

The price includes 10 photos with retouch in two sizes.

1. Enabling self-printing to A4 size

2. The format that offers the best quality when publishing on social media FB, etc.


Every session

is unique we treat each order and person individually, in every respect. That is why our works are characterized by uniqueness, uniqueness and very diverse subject matter.

We adapt lighting and photographic techniques

to gender, age, and individual character traits as well as the emotions we want to convey. We represent an old school of photography, the basis of which is to get to know the subject, and how to take the best pictures from the very beginning of their creation process.
Thanks to the wide range of equipment and skills, we decide on an image at every stage of its creation.
Unlike many other photographers, we are not afraid of individuality and we implement visions and ideas together with our clients. At work, we use high class digital equipment that guarantees the highest quality

as well as the antique cameras (large format camera) using rare photographic and classic techniques. We do this to be able to realize unique images and not to duplicate trends or standards that prevail at the moment.

Our offer

is addressed to people who are looking for something special that emphasizes their individuality and uniqueness, who are looking in photography for something more than just a photo. Our work is not the product of graphic programs but is carefully prepared exhibition.
We try to set prices in the same way we build each session from scratch, together with the people who commission us to execute the order. That every next element would be consistent and lead to the best possible results.
We always start our work with a meeting in order to be able to meet expectations, and help in the implementation of the project.

Portfolio familly

Portfolio female

Portfolio male

Family, artistic sessions in the studio from 150 pounds.

Outdoor photo session price depends on the location and details. Prices start at 160 pounds.

The price includes 10 photos processed in two sizes.

1. Enabling self-printing to A4 size

2. The format that offers the best quality when publishing on social media FB, etc.

Portfolio wet plate collodion & analog

Wet plate collodion video

Wet plate collodion. Noble technique from 1851   250 pounds.
The price includes Glass plate, plus high resolution digital scan

The analog 5x7 format is the price of 200 pounds.

Wedding & occasional

Our wedding photography offer

is fully flexible and prepared for people who want to
make this one of the most important days in their life special.

That is why we arrange
each order and price individually depending on the budget of the bride and groom.
The following factors influence the price of the wedding session:
The type of ceremony and its scope.

Preparations, civil or church wedding, the reception hall. Open-air or studio session.

Photo album

Size, type of cover, quality of paper, accessories.
The duration of the event, place. Where the wedding takes place and where and when
the outdoor session for the photo shoot is to be held.
Type of retouching.

All photos taken and prepared outside the printout are also available in digital form.
Our goal is to create beautiful, original works that for many years will be there as a
reminder about this special day. That is why we try to choose the best offer for our
budget together with our clients.
In addition, all photos are taken by two experienced photographers, which also
distinguishes us from others, where you usually have the main photographer and a
helper who would be the less experienced person as support.



We create two types of product photography.

The first type is

Catalog photography

where the main purpose is to show the natural
colour, texture and all the details of the object that is supposed to go to the catalog or
online store. Most often on a white background for wholesale and small-volume
products. Or black for luxury items, reconciliation pieces or jewelry and art.
Thanks to the measuring and calibration tools, we guarantee faithful rendering of
colours and details.

The second type is

Advertising photography

which is supposed to show the subject in
an interesting perspective or surroundings. This type of photography is designed to
catch attention with an interesting composition, lighting and showing the product.
Most often, this type of photography is used on advertising banners and in folders.
Thanks to the medium-format camera, we are able to guarantee large-size prints
without loss of quality, which is often the case with the use of a standard digital SLR,
even a professional one.


Product photography prices from 100 pounds, individual quote and offer.
The possibility of taking large format photos.