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Art Tiles

Art Studio s999 is pleased to present its new product which combines artistic qualities with a useful application. Ceramic tiles offered by our studio are high quality ceramic products, characterized by a unique design and unrivaled manufacturing quality. Using our own works and combining manual work with heating and high-pressure machines, we are able to offer a product with fully artistic qualities.

Manufacturing process

The process of integration of the image with ceramic involves high pressure and temperature treatment.
It is not about prints or other technologies characterized by a limited resistance.
Additionally, to increase the durability, safety and quality, the tiles are coated with an additional protective layer. The protective coating reduces the risk of scratches, and also protects the image from UV light and moisture.
The product is perfectly safe and can be used as interior decoration.


  1. Decorative application as a picture fixed on a stand or hung on the wall.
  2. Interior finishing, single tiles or a multi-segmental composition of wall tiles suitable for kitchens, bathrooms etc


We offer tiles in 3 sizes.

  1.  6×6 inch 15×15 cm
  2.  8×8 inch 20×20 cm
  3. 10×8 inch 25×20 cm

Additional information

Thanks to the use of digital medium format and large format cameras for cut films, we are able to offer photographs that enable arrangements with dimensions 3x4m or larger.
We offer also products based on files submitted by our customers.Final dimensions and quality depend on the material provided by a customer.We offer also slight retouches and corrections enhancing the quality


The tiles offered by our studio are an artistic product with a practical application.Like any other product of that kind, the tiles must be handled carefully and appropriately.It is not recommended to leave cleaning products, bleaching agents or other caustic substances on a tile’s surface,The tiles resist to high temperature, moisture and other external factors.However, it is not recommended to place them near heat sources such as ovens, heaters and other.

As Art. Studio s999 we do not bear any liability for improper handling of our products.It is recommended to order samples, which will give you the possibility to check our product, test its quality and resistance to chemical substances used in your household.

Art. Studio s999 shall not be responsible for any breach of copyrights, licenses etc. In the case of materials submitted by its customers.

In case of any doubt or in need of any additional information, please contact us via e-mail.