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Art Tiles

Artistic tiling from our studio is a combination of painting or photography using functional qualities.

It is a unique product and intended for people who are looking for something exceptional and extraordinary.
Something that will emphasize and distinguish their
owners from the rest, it can beautify the bathroom, kitchen or any room in a way so far unparalleled.
All graphics and works used are our authorship and are not availablein any store or wholesale.
These are works carried out entirely by hand or on a digital transfer basis, depending on the method used.
The tiles can be a single image or a multi-segment mosaic. They work perfectly as a splashback, decorative strip and full-sized wall decorations.
In addition, they can be used as pictures for the fireplace or for hanging on the wall.

Our studio creates artistic tiles in two techniques :

1. Handmade painting.
2. Digital Transfer.


This is the most exclusive type of artistic tiles fully hand-made. Each tile is an image created from scratch and impossible to replicate. It is a painting painted on ceramics, using acrylic paints, brocades/glitter, metallic and phosphor paints and real decorations like shells, nets, etc. In regards to the 3D tiles.
Tiles of this type are characterized by full freedom of size and are often made to order under the guidelines of our clients. Thanks to that each of them is unique and is a small work of art personalized under the owner.

Digital transfer

The second method that our studio offers is the transfer of graphics and photos to ceramic tiles.
This method is characterized by transfer of printouts under high pressure and high temperature to ceramics.
Our offer includes three dimensions of tiles in this technology. 15x15cm, 20x20cm, 20x25cm.
All graphics used are our own work which are not sold elsewhere apart from our studio.
Thanks to the medium-format photo formats, we can offer lossless multi-segment transfers up to 4x5 meters in height.
In addition, we offer assistance in preparing customer files and transferring their work and photos.
This method will work perfectly in case of multi-segment works.
Thanks to the rich database of paintings and photos,
our studio offers unique works in the fields of abstract, portrait, 3D and product and landscape photography.


All artistic tiles are protected with the highest quality epoxy resin. Which is neutral and safe and allows use in rooms with food.
Additionally, it guarantees the highest resistance to UV rays, moisture, scratches and is resistant to high temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius.
The protective layer creates a glass-like coating adding extra shine and enhancing artistic value with high gloss.


Despite the high quality of protective layers, we recommend taking care of our product, above all it is an artistic object and should be treated just as that, which will lead into its many years of flawless quality.