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About us

Black and white like light and shade. It is a fundamental of photography, in separate, every picture would be mono coloured, in conjunction it allows us to see pictures of passing time perpetuated in the film. Same as man and woman, independent points of view allowing to create new photographic reality. That is why we have decided to work together to show the same world through the eyes of two different personalities. We are not afraid to perform the most brave and crazy projects to reach our set goals. We reach for the photographs and we find ourselves in them, we identify with that place and time, we have a feeling that, the recorded pictures exist elusively for us and become our personal document.

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Anna Marija Bulka

I graduated from the University of Fine Art in Cieszyn with a major in Painting. I’m always trying new things and enjoy experimenting with my work.
Photography is for me the image, impression, painted light and shadow, emotions, feelings.

I am a freelance photographer and art painter. My journey through the world of photography and painting has been life long and has become my greatest passion. My favorite is helping me develop my painting visions.


Jakub Pyrdek

I am an individualist, I have my own way and I don’t like to be influenced by others or by prevailing trends.

Since I remember, I’ve been searching for my own style and way of expressing myself, which is how I became passionate about photography as a universal language of communication free of national and regional barriers.

I believe that one picture is worth more than a million words.
Therefore, I try to make my work as faithfully as I can, without unnecessary words, dots and commas.
I devoted 10 years of my life in order to perfect the workshop and master as many different techniques and types of photography as possible. From digital photography to analog photography and rare techniques like wet plate collodion.
This path was full of sacrifices, hard work and learning.
Today, I put the greatest emphasis on the emotional and artistic aspect which complements already acquired knowledge whose goal is to give my work greater depth, and enrich it with elements so often overlooked today.